My Detail Guys -   Auto,Boat,Rv's, Mobile Car Wash & Detailing Services
Exclusive Mobile Detailing Services in the DFW and Metroplex area.
We are here to help those who take extra special care of their vehicles , including
Auto, Boats, RV's and more..
When ultimate restoration is needed in order to bring about a like new appearance or whatever your needs are, My Detail Guys can help. Let us be the one to give your special vehicle the undivided attention it needs and deserves .

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 We offer quality work at excellent prices!

My Detail Guys
General maintenance to keep your vehicle in good condition
Recommended weekly to bi weekly                                                            
Hand Wash & Hand Dry
Bugs Cleaned
Wheels & Wheel Wells Washed
My detail Guys Mobile Car Wash & Detailing
Interior Vacuum
Windows Cleaned Inside & Out
Dash & Console Cleaned
Tires & Rims Cleaned & Dressed
Free  Leather Scent
* Minimum 2 cars or more for
 Wash Packages
$30 Cars *
$40 Truck /SUV*
$50 Mini Van /Oversize Vehicles

Multiple car discount available !

My Detail Guys
Exterior & Interior - Express Detail Service:
The Pro Wash & Wax Package is a quick and cost effective alternative to our "Full Detail" service. This is for vehicles in good condition, maintained regularly and not neglected Recommended  every 3 to 4 months to keep in the best condition
Service as described above includes
Exterior Hand Wash & Hand Dry
Interior Vacuum
 My Detail Guys  Mobile Car Wash & Detailing
All Vinyl Surfaces & Door Jambs Wiped Down & Protected
Leather Seats Conditioned
Rims & Wheel Covers Washed
Carnuba Wax Treatment
Windows Cleaned Inside & Out
$80  Cars 
$90  Truck /SUV
$100 Mini Van /Oversize Vehicles

My Detail Guys
Exterior & Interior - Full Detail Service:
 The Ultimate Full Detail is a process where your vehicle  is completely cleaned inside & out and brought to showroom condition. Hand wash exterior pre- clean paint,  polish & wax treatment. Shampoo carpets, seats and mats. clean & condition leather. Thoroughly clean & wipe down interior.This service is recommended at least once a year, sometimes two depending on the condition of the vehicles .    
Service as described  above includes
Ultimate Exterior Hand Wash & Hand Dry
Complete Interior Vacuum 
 My Detail Guys  Mobile Car Wash & Detailing
Shampoo , Mats & Seats
Shampoo Carpets &   Upholstery
Shampoo Trunk area
Clean Headliner & Air Vents
Leather Seats & Surfaces Cleaned & Conditioned
Dash Console,Cup Holders & Door Panels Cleaned , Dressed & Protected.
All Vinyl & Rubber Surfaces Cleaned, Dressed & Protected.
All  Door Jambs & Door Seals Cleaned, Dressed & Protected.
Exterior Rubber & Chrome Trim Cleaned, Dressed & Protected.
Rims, Covers & Wheel Wells Washed & Dressed
Pre -Clean & Preparation of  Paint.
High Speed Polish & Ultimate Wax Treatment.
All Vehicle Windows  Expertly Cleaned Inside & Out.
$140 Cars
$160 Truck /SUV
$170 Mini Van /Oversize Vehicles

Add Engine Detail for just $20

By coming to your home or work place, we save you time and gas!

My Detail Guys
Exterior & Interior - Full Detail Service - Plus:
Clay Bar, 3- Step  Compound, Polish, Wax, and Nano Sealant
Plus get  Free  Engine Detail with this  restoration service.
This service is recommended at least once a year.
 My Detail Guys Supreme Detail  Service 
My Detail Guys
Special Services

Engine Detail -$40     
Over spray removal - call for estimate
Water Spot Removal- call for estimate
Paint Correction and Oxidation Removal-call for estimate
Color Sanding-call for estimate
Carpet Dye-call for estimate
Odor Bomb -$15
Paint Sealant $60 -a coat
Headlight lens restoration-$50 pr.
Car Dealer-call for estimate

We carry a $2 million insurance policy that allows us to work at many Marinas and RV park in the area.